Monday, July 05, 2010

29 Weeks

First off, the things unrelated to baby news: We are moving into a two bedroom apartment! What's even cooler is that it has a dishwasher, a washer & dryer, and a garbage disposal! I know, I know. I can just feel all of you guy's excitement for me! We move in July 26th-ish.

Now on to fun, baby-related news. I went in today for my ultrasound and here's the jist:

The baby weighs 3 lbs now.

The cyst is the same size and obviously still there.

The little stinker was face down so we couldn't get any good pictures.

I passed my gestational diabetes test (I actually liked the drink except it totally knocked me out for a couple of hours afterwards).

He is kind of transverse/down but kicks me all over the place.

He get's the hiccups...A lot.

And finally, my baby has HAIR! The ultrasound technician pointed it out and sure enough, I was able to see it sticking up on the back of his head. This is the one I was super excited about since I was just thinking of it the other day. He still has 11 weeks to go so that gives him more time to grow more hair but the real question is, will it be blonde or brown?
His cute fist.


DaNelle said...

uhhhh, how do you know the baby has hair?

Jenna said...

I'm jealous! Both my kids were so bald. :( Audrey has lots of hair now but Carson is a cue ball. I hope that someday I can have a hairy baby so I can give him/her a baby fauxhawk.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica-

I'm a friend of Christian and Ryann. We were at their apartment earlier and I saw their calendar that you made. She said that you charged $13 for it. I was hoping that we could get one from you also. Please let me know what you think. My email is below.


Jenny Cook said...

I am so excited for you guys! I want to hear all about the new apartment. Love having a dishwasher (other than a husband of course). What a great picture of your sweet little one too. You guys are going to be such great parents.