Thursday, October 21, 2010

For all of the mothers out there that still somehow find ways to blog, I admire you. I feel like I don't even have time to eat but maybe once I am finished with school, it will become easier to fill my time with "mommie" activities like blogging and cooking instead of homework.

Jack is now 1 month old. I know every mother says this but it really is crazy how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with my baby boy but now Jack weighs 9 lbs and is finally starting to fit in 0-3 mo clothes. He can almost follow objects with his eyes but he is still a little slow. Jack also likes to have one hand by his face when he eats that he constantly opens and closes. I guess he just likes to feel that I'm there. He also LOVES his baths and hates getting out. Who can blame him? It's cold sometimes!

Let me just say, taking care of a newborn can be so confusing! For the first week, I drove myself crazy keeping track of feedings, diapers, and schedules. Now, I am much more relaxed and I realize that Jack WILL let me know when he is hungry and he is NOT going to just sit there and starve. Now that I have gotten this very basic fact ingrained in my head, life has been much easier and I realize that I have an extremely well-behaved child. Right from the start, Jack got his days and nights on track and he continues to do very well. He sleeps anywhere from 5 to 6 hours at night and then I get him back on his 3 hour feeding routine afterward.

Then, this week, Tyler and I made a breakthrough! Normally Tyler and I try to soothe Jack to sleep with rocking, walking, pacifier, and just about anything else that could settle him. Well, the other day, I just KNEW Jack was tired and decided to let him cry it out to see if he could get himself to sleep. Let me just say, hearing your child cry is just about the worst torture for a first time mom. But I was determined to try so I watched the clock and decided that after 10 minutes, I would go soothe him. Miraculously, after only 3 minutes, he stopped and went right to sleep!

What did I tell ya? I pretty much have a perfect baby.

But what about my "other" baby? I hate it!

Two weeks after having Jack I had a follow up ultrasound to check to see if the cyst had decreased. Nope. Still there and still the same size.

So I scheduled the surgery. Unfortunately, Medicaid is not going to cover it since they now know that because it didn't shrink, it was probably there before being pregnant and therefore not pregnancy related.

I go under the scope next Tuesday in which I will update soon thereafter how it went. The only thing I am nervous about is recovery but then again, I don't think it could be any worse than recovering from a baby.

Wish me luck!


Ann Barlow said...

Okay, Jack is the most adorable baby EVER!! I can't wait to meet him. I get so happy thinking about you as a mommy. He's such a lucky baby when it comes to parents. Good luck on your surgery. Let me know how it goes.

Ann Barlow said...
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Maynards said...

What a good baby! Truly Jessica, that is awesome that he is on such a great schedule. We are STILL working with William. You and Tyler are such great parents.
Don't worry about not having time for blogging, ect. You will be surprised with how quickly your normal life will come back. I freak out after EVERY baby, and feel like my life will never get back to normal, but it does, and it is nice. You just have a sweet baby to add to it.
He is adorable and I can't wait to see him as soon as we can get a minute to get to Rexburg.
p.s. Add another 1/2 pound and Jack will be the weight that William was when he was born! 9 1/2 lbs. Is that nuts or what!