Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i think it would be okay if spring came

I have discovered that I live life through addiction after addiction and I think you may be surprised that many of you do as well.

When I was in jr. high, I was addicted to IMing my friends. Looking back, I realize how ridiculous this was seeing as I was just around my friends all day at school. Yet, day after day I would come home and chat with my fellow school-mates online. In reality, I didn't care to chat with my girlfriends too much. In actuality, I just wanted to chat with my crushes and my ulterior motive was mainly to find out if they liked me too. This was pre-texting days, so give me a break.

IMing died away and then I discovered the awesomeness of The Sims. I'm pretty sure every single girl who loved playing house as a child was in LOVE with Sims. I know I was. I could play it for hours, then kill off my family, and create a new one where the cycle would thus continue. Actually, I'm still obsessed with Sims...

But it wasn't only computer technology that would consume my life. I get into my food addictions as well. Right now, I have been eating oatmeal and bananas for breakfast basically everyday since Jack was born. It's good and filling and keeps my milk production up (because you all wanted to know that). Yes, it's true, that equals to a lot of freakin' oatmeal and bananas but that isn't the worst food addiction I've had. I've been known to eat beans for a month strait for lunch. Mainly bean sandwiches and homemade bean burritos. Gotta love that fiber! Good news is that I'm sick of beans now and have moved on to tuna. Gotta love those omega-3's!

Now I have discovered a new addiction. It fuels my life. I think it has moved on from an addiction to an obsession. What's great is that it has taken possession of Tyler as well so when it comes time for an intervention, you can kill two birds with one stone and bring both Tyler and I back to reality. But for now, our obsession is:


But this isn't just a mindless, random sudoku puzzle. This is the Sudoku puzzle in The Scroll! The Scroll is BYU-I's weekly paper which is usually filled with random and pretty lame articles like the top three places to visit in Rexburg (which happened to be 1. DI 2.The Gym 3.The sand dunes). On the last page of The Scroll, there is a Sudoku puzzle which if completed correctly and turned in by Friday at 5:00PM, has potential of being drawn as the winning puzzle and that person gets a prize.


So Tyler and I started the last couple of weeks in the fall semester and we continue to this day and we take it very seriously. In our life, the week starts on Tuesday, when The Scroll comes out. Every week, we do the sudoku. Let me just tell you, these aren't your grandma's puzzles. These puzzles are meant to weed out the men from the boys (or so to speak).

Tyler and I have actually gotten into fights about these puzzles. I'm sure you are envisioning a playful banter-like fight. Oh no! The kind of fight that your Bishop advises to work out before you go to bed. THAT type of fight.

It is not uncommon to have shredded remains of The Scroll on our living room floor and I'm pretty sure there are no more erasers in our home anymore, only eraser shavings...

Yet we are determined to get that prize and we're not even sure what "the prize" is. Often times couple's fantasize about what they would do if they won the lottery, we fantasize about what the prize for the Sudoku could possibly be. Tyler thinks it's some brand new BYU-I gym clothes. I think it's a gift certificate to a restaurant. Either way, we ARE going to win before we graduate because we HAVE to know. It is our obsession and addiction.


Maynards said...

I am proud to say that I was there when Tyler did his very first Sudoku puzzle. He stole Devin's book and ended up doing a ton of them! I have never done one...maybe I should start...then again, maybe I shouldn't.
p.s. I will be coming to Pocatello next week and I will bring your stuff with me.

Jenna said...

You are so funny. I remember us IMing sometimes. It was retarded because we could just as easily WALK OUTSIDE and talk to each other!

My father-in-law is most definitely addicted to sudoku.

Love your mustache, by the way.

Nancy said...

I'm addicted to Sudoku as well. Real bad. I buy the sudoku books in the magazine section at the store. I try to finish them before the next one comes out. I've started the rubix cube too. Watch out. That one's pretty time consuming to figure out.