Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Other Baby: Update

Well I figured I should do an update on my little bundle of cyst.

I went in for an ultrasound today which was so much fun because I got to see my little creepy alien again! He/she has grown a lot since it was an overgrown gummi bear. Now it had distinguishable arms and legs and I was able to see the face. It wasn't very cute because it was all skeletal-like.

However, the baby was not the main point of the ultrasound. They checked my cyst and it hasn't decreased in size which means. DING DING DING! Another ultrasound! Although this time I only have to wait two weeks instead of another month to check up on my little/big cyst.

So if it hasn't decreased significantly, I am going to have to go under the knife in 2-4 weeks from now. Yes, I am a little worried about surgery but if it means that my baby will no longer have to compete for space, I think it's worth it especially because he/she already looked pretty squished to begin with.

But hey! There's always an upside to hospitals such as:

1. Sexy, sexy hospital gowns. My bum will look so fabulous in it!

2. Tasty hospital food! I think the best part is that I wont have to cook or do any of the dishes afterwards (as if I do dishes when I'm NOT in the hospital).

3. Instant gratification. In pain? No need to wait 20-30 minutes for a pill to dissolve!

I'm actually not so sure about all the things I listed since the sterile hospital smell is a negative. Oh and the part about them cutting me open....and I've never really been hospitalized before...

But hospitals can't be all that bad since they do deliver lots of cute (and sometimes not so cute) babies there, right?


Ann Barlow said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh wow! Way to make light of what could be a serious situation! I hope your cyst decreases for your little fetus :)

Maynards said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog! I am laughing my head off.
I sure hope your cyst decides to start shrinking. If you do end up in surgery, don't worry, you get to sleep through the whole thing and it will be good prep for what your hospital stay will be like when you have the baby.
Rubbery tasting food, bum gowns and all.

DaNelle said...

Just be sure that they remove the 'right' baby! Because you know what Mom would say...something like I told you so...