Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Hairy Situation

Well I said I would blog about all of the crazy shiz that goes on whilst being pregnant (you know? About poo and crotch pain). Well the news is, for all of you very interested in my bowel movements, that I am pretty regular and proud of it. I'm just going to put it out there, isn't constipation the worst? Let me tell you, it seriously is.

In other news I had another OMG-I'M-REALLY-PREGNANT moment. When I was only about 8 weeks pregnant, I was getting ready for my bedtime routine when I noticed something.

A grey hair

Yes people! A freakin' gray hair! I couldn't really believe what I saw so I plucked that sucker out and chalked it up to a freak accident.

Now, I am 16 weeks and as I was looking in the mirror again, what did I see? ANOTHER gray hair. Now I'm a freaking out a little. I never get grey hairs so I'm thinking pregnancy hormones = hair problems...?

Grandma's are supposed to have grey hairs and I'm not even a mom yet. Oh and besides the fact that I'm only 21!

So please, someone, somewhere out there, please tell me that you had weird hair problems that disappeared after your pregnancy. I need reassurance or else I'm breaking out the hair dye!


Jenna said...

Well, my hair never falls out at all when I'm pregnant. Then, it all falls out at ONCE a few weeks after I give birth. Seriously, in clumps.

It hasn't happened this time, yet. But it probably will this week.

Oh, and remember how curly my hair was in high school? Yeah, it pretty much went straight. And turned reddish brown.

Maynards said...

My hair gets super thick during pregnancy and then falls out after the baby is born.
I also get all sorts of crazy hair on my cheeks. I feel like a man by the time the pregnancy is over.
Pregnancy just makes you fuzzy I guess.

Christian and Ryann Hulme said...

Well, when I was pregnant, my hair was beautiful as always. And perfect. Hahah, just kidding, that's what I'm planning on saying though after I am with child. Haha, only 2 more weeks and I get to see you! I'm so excited! I'm sure your gray hairs are beautiful. You could save them all and glue them together for something. Or make a clip in hair piece for later!

Anonymous said...

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