Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Child O' Mine...and Tyler

I am now 23 weeks along and I have definitely "popped". It really is still hard to believe that I actually have a tiny person inside of me that is about a pound and looks like a mix of Tyler and I. Amazing!

So I have been getting increasing comments of my budding belly everywhere I go and I have reached that stage (finally) where I actually look pregnant and not bloated. In fact, just a few of weeks ago I asked Tyler if I looked pregnant or just fat. I'm happy to say that I have an honest husband which replied, "Eh...you're in the in-between stage." Thanks dear, at least you're honest.

However, just last week I was getting groceries with hubby making our usual rounds. You know, wife making sure she's getting the cheapest price for the most/best food while husband adds it up to make sure it's within the budget? Well mid-noodle-buying time he stopped for a while and said, "Wow! You've really gotten bigger." Awww, the things that would register as offensive before are now so sweet!

So here are the 23 weeks and 2 day pregnancy pictures:

Also, I forgot to post my 20 week ultrasound pictures so here they are:

His cute little face!

His cute little footsies!

His cute little manhood!

And another cute face

In other news:
1. I have a cold. I am a snot factory.

2. I signed up for a booth at the Rexburg Farmers Market. My first market day didn't go so well and I only sold 2 things. :( The hotdog man sold more than me. Then again, I contributed towards one of his sales...they just looked so good! But, I still have the rest of the season so I am going to try, try again!

3. Yesterday was the SERIES finale of 24. I have seen every, single episode that has ever been made and I will be sad to see Jack go. May the memory of Jack Bauer live on through my kick @$$ baby, which will also be named Jack!

4. After freakin' jumping through loops and hoops, I finally got my vinyl blog giveaway up and running so people can view the blog and leave comments so go check it out at www.sayitwithstyle.blogspot.com and click on blog-cicle.

5. For those who really care all that much, my cyst is still there and basically the same size but I'm not worried about it. With my kid's name being Jack (and especially after Jack Bauer), I'm confident he will neutralize the enemy before the deadline of his due date.


DaNelle said...

Oh Jess, there were too many things I laughed out loud at to comment on so I'm just gonna say I can't believe you're so big! YAY! I am so excited your ultrasound pic is so cute I can tell he's gonna be a cutie not like those other fugly ultrasound pics.

Maynards said...

You are so cute! I love the belly. Can't wait to see you guys in a little over a month.

Jenna said...

Cute belly!

Yeah, is it bad that we got the idea for Audrey's name from 24? Cuz we totally did.