Thursday, August 26, 2010

None Of The Above

Monday was the doctors appointment where I was to discuss how the whole cyst situation was going to be handled. But before I delve into that, let's make time for an awkward pregnancy moment in relation to my appointment.

It was a pretty regular, non-ultrasound, boring appointment (I admit, I have been extremely spoiled with ultrasounds). The nurse called me back and she did the routine blood pressure check and weight measurement. After that, I asked if she wanted me to go ahead and take a urine sample. She said yes but that I was also to do a group strep B test while I was already in there.

A what?

Yes, it's a very basic swab test where you basically, um, swab your lady parts and "other" areas. Not a very hard medical procedure for an inexperienced person like me to do on my own.

So I pee, I swab, I seal the container and, like always, I place it on the counter for the nurse to grab.

So as I wait for the nurse to come back in and collect my plethora of samples, I am surprised when at the next I-hope-you're-not-naked-because-I'm-coming-in knock, the doctor walks in. Sweet, I think, get my questions answered faster and get this mundane appointment over with.

But then the doctor sees my urine and strep sample and reacts as if I had left a terd on the table for him. Seriously, I thought he was going to start dry heaving, he was that dramatic saying stuff like, "OH!....Oh gosh...nurse, come take care of this...".

Geez. I don't have AIDS or leprosy. I'm not a diseased woman.

Then as the nurse picks up the swab sample and proceeds to dip the standard urine strip in my pee, the doctor is still appalled saying, "Oh gosh....are you sure you don't need gloves?!"

Um, excuse me? I'm sitting right here! Besides, it's not as if I rubbed the whole tube down there. This guy delivers babies and when he delivers them, his whole face and hands are going to be in the area that I only slightly swabbed with a q-tip. What a baby!


Anyway, I ignored his reaction and we discussed birthing/cyst options. What I didn't know is that I was making a big deal out of nothing. He said that there was still a possibility that after the placenta is out, the cyst may go down because of the decrease in hormones. Cool.

So I am going to just let this kiddo come when he wants to come which is probably the best decision and will probably not be until I am a full 40+ weeks. I did like the idea of KNOWING when this kid was coming with the option of induction but oh well. So from any readers, please send cervix dilating, water breaking, effacing thoughts my way, I want this kid outta me!


Gurr Family said...

Who is your doctor? That is weird that they would act like that. My doctor did the test part with my urine. And I never got to do the swabbing on my own.
That is great news that you might not need surgery. Good luck with having this baby.

Maynards said...

You did the strep B test yourself!!! What the heck! I have NEVER heard of that before. Wow.
I have a gift all ready for you, but I can't make it to the shower. The kids and I will be coming when you have the baby and I will give it to you then. And yes, the $$ for the vinyl will be with the gift. I haven't forgotten. Good luck with everything!!!

Jenna said...

Whoa! What the heck? Doctors are supposed to be unfazed by those kinds of things. What a weirdo.

Eeep! Hope Baby Jack comes soon!