Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cutest Bear On The Block!

So the other day I was wasting time on the computer when a thought struck me.

I want to learn to crochet.

My mom already knows how to crochet and tried to teach me but since then, I'd forgotten how. So seeing as she was 800 miles away, I called up my friend Emily who came over the next day and taught me. Isn't it great to have crafty, amazing friends that can teach you their mad skills? Well, if you don't have friends like that then let me just tell you, it is great!

So she came over and the first thing I wanted to make was a hat for my sweet bugger boo. Let me just say the first one didn't turn out as I imagined it. It was more square than I hoped and I make it too long. Also, it's all dark blue so it was kind of blah.

But I did not give up hope! It was my first try so it was bound to be a little sucky. So I tried again but used a different pattern. Yes, this amazing friend not only taught me the single stitch, double stitch, and slip knot maneuvers, she also taught me to read patterns online. So thankful!

Next, I looked online to find a picture of how I wanted the beanie to turn out and found this as my inspiration:

Thank goodness I had my smarts with me yesterday and bought two colors that go great together. So I started crocheting like crazy so I could finish my masterpiece. Let me just tell you, crocheting seems like an old lady activity, but there is nothing old lady about it. My fingers got sore and the stitches were hard to see sometimes. Seriously, it should be an Olympic sport.

Finally, I finished and I am so proud of my work! It took me basically all day but I can't help but beam at my newly acquired mad crocheting skills. I know bugger boo is way excited for it since he was kicking and squirming the whole time...or maybe it was because of the 24 oz, pure sugar, Icee I had yesterday...Either way, all I need is my baby's head to nicely try it on.

P.s. Don't worry, I've decided to unravel the bla blue hat and make another one similar to the yellow one except opposite. Thank you for your concern for my kid's popularity sake. We wouldn't want him to be made fun of in the hospital nursery because he has a fugly hat, now would we?


DaNelle said...

Jess, that is so cute! I am laughing so hard about the Icee right now!

Ann Barlow said...

Documented pictures of my rich and beautiful bff demonstrating her talents! That is such a cute hat!! Can I have a matching one? :)

Gurr Family said...

Awesome!!! Your are amazing!

Jenny Cook said...


Maynards said...

SSSOOOOO cute! Do you want to make another one for his little cousin?

The very Happy newly parents said...

Great Job Jessica! You make your teacha look bad you have past up my talent Very cute.